Aquatic Bodywork

This treatment is given in warm water for the numerous benefits the temperature (35°) can offer.
With a complete sense of presence and attention, the therapist moves, folds, stretches and massages the client’s body floating on the surface of the water, inducing a profound relaxation both physical and mental. Depending on the choice of the client, the session can also include an underwater part (using a nose clip), which enriches the experience and renders it unique.
Aquatic bodywork offers an opportunity for profound relaxation, for letting go completely, for building trust in the person sustaining you, for been nurtured and held, for expanding inner and outer boundaries, for releasing emotions and traumas and ultimately, for freeing the client’s body and mind, in a unique flow during each session.
Aquatic bodywork has different branches, the technique done only on the water surface is Watsu, while the techniques done mainly under water are: