The Philosophy

Everything in this universe has its own natural EQUILIBRIUM. In the human being, the interruption of this balance creates traumas, which can be on a physical, mental, emotional or energetic level.
Nature will do what it takes to restore natural order, but sometimes the body needs to be facilitated towards a self-healing process: be reminded how fit the body can be; how thoughts can be released; remember that we are not alone and we have an important space in this world; let the energy flow again and find your “INNER PEACE“.

Ayurvedic Marmas Massage

This tecnic is a full body oil massage. Moving along the energetic lines and stimulating the marmas, it helps to clear the system from toxins and energetic crystallization, balancing he different layers of the body: physical body, mental, emotional, energetical and spiritual.

Sarga Bodywork

Sarga Bodywork is a barefoot massage method that employs the use of a fabric strap fastened to a massage table (through Sarga attachment) and an high-friction lubrication (Sarga Mayo Rub). The therapist works standind on the massage table supported by the strap, moving up and down, along the sides of the reciver. By pulling up on the strap while applying downward pressure with the foot, practitioner can deliver consistent, oblique pressure to provide a uniquely effective myofascial therapy.

Aquatic Bodywork

This treatment is given in warm water for the many benefits the temperature (35°) can offer. With a complete sense of presence and attention, the therapist moves, folds, stretches and massages the client's body floatting on the surface of the water, inducing a profound of both physical and mental relaxation. Depending on the choice of the client, a session can also include an underwater part (using a nose clip), wich offers a unic experience.

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