Watsu (WAter-shiaTSU) was created by Zen shiatsu therapist Hurold Dull.
It is a gentle form of body therapy done in warm water (apx. 34°). It combines elements of massage, joints mobilization, shiatsu, muscle stretching and dance.
The receiver is continuously supported while kept floating, cradled, rocked and stretched. Moments of stillness alternate with rhythmical flowing movements, which free the body in ways impossible out of the water. The warm water relaxes the muscles and supports the spine. With this support and without the weight of the body, the spine, joints and muscles can be manipulated and freed in a way unique to water work. The effects include a very gentle, yet deep stretching and a release of muscular and joint restricions, along with a state of deep relaxation, which encourages the release of stress and tension.
Both practitioner and reciver gain an incredible connection through synchronised breathing and through heart vibrations. Once the patient reaches a state of security and trust toward the therapist, a profound emptiness can be experienced. That inner place where evething is silence, stillness and where everything could start anew. In this state, old memories and traumas can be brought up to the surface, giving the possibility to manage them in an easier way, and release physical and emotional pain.
Watsu is also highly recommended for:

  • Babies from 0 to 2 years old
  • Pregnancy
  • People with special needs

For more information about Watsu, Courses and Treatment visit the website: www.watsu.com