About me

My name is Roberto. I am Italian but a citizen of the world. I was born in 1976 but in 2013 my second life began!
I had a change of conscience and the world as I knew it lacked interest. I was always unsatisfied and no matter what I did or where went I felt more and more disconnected to my inner self and to this great nature in which we live.
I started a healthy diet, and got in to natural remedies, yoga and meditation. Soon the desire to connect with others through massages arrived.
In 2014 I moved to India and I followed an ayurvedic Master who does the original marmas technique (the vital points where everthing flows). Receiving as in giving treatments I perceived an inner peace. I felt more balanced, centered and everything started to make sense. Everthing is connected. We are microcosms in a macrocosmo and all of us are part of everything.
Making people to feel the same sensations has become my aim in life.
I keep going back to India to learn new techniques. So far, apart from the ayurvedic massage, I have dedicated myself to the mastery of Watsu and Water Dance, two beautiful technique done in water for physical and mental wellness that allow traumas stored in the most hidden parts of the subconscious to be released.
The connection between facilitator and recipient is magical. Present but at the same time invisible. Surrender to the water and move the body of the receiver until the total abandon and trust is gained. Hold the space and let them go in that state of stillness where anything could happen.
Lately I have incorporated Sarga Bodywork. This barefoot massage was born in Hawaii. It employs the use of a fabric strap fastened to a massage table and wrapped over the therapist’s shoulders to deliver an elegant myofascial and deep tissue technique.
The three treatments are for different cases but my intention is always the same: be a channel, let the energy flow and stimulate the self-healing process.